VARIANT™ II Instrumentation

The fully automated VARIANT™ II Hemoglobin Testing System is designed for high volume, featuring positive specimen identification, LIS interface, and complete, ready-to-use test kits for precise, accurate results.

This multi-analyte system requires no sample preparation and very little hands-on time by the operator. The sampling station accepts barcoded primary specimen tubes, reads the barcode, samples from the closed tube and dilutes and injects the specimen into the chromatographic station for analysis. Results are processed by Bio-Rad’s Clinical Data Management Software™ (CDM), which can interface with the laboratory information system (LIS) for real-time data transmission and superior data management. Bio-Rad provides complete assay kits for analysis of HbA1c and β-thalassemia on the VARIANT™ II analyzer.

Designed to the highest standards, the VARIANT™ II system is NGSP-certified, CE marked to meet the European IVD Directive and anchored to the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial (DCCT) reference study and anchored to the IFCC Reference Method.